Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sex is the answer to EVERYTHING!!!

I once had this one client who use SEX as the answer to all the problem that he has. Or for anyone who ask him any question. Or anyone within earshot when he is in his playful mood. Basically, he has this perception on everything. Here how it goes :

You feel tired? Too much sex

You feeling lethargic? Not enough sex

You feel unhappy? Not enough sex

You feel depressed? Not enough sex

You can't concentrate? Not enough sex

Not feeling healthy? Too much sex or not enough sex, it can be either one...

Basically, the idea is, all the problem in the world can be solved by sex. Or is it caused by sex?

You decide...

p/s - to a certain extent, I would like to say he is correct in a way...


  1. No lah, I think more accurate to replace "sex" with "good sex".

    Otherwise, if bad sex, everything will be reversed.

    Too many people think real sex is same as porn sex, just take off clothes, 5 min of licking then bang bang bang. Much more to it than that what!

  2. Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at either of them.

  3. Instead of creating war, world leaders should just have sex.

    More sex will make the economy better.

  4. hahaha well SEX is always the talk of town...

    or a good talk during morning, day and night ...

    SEX is such an international topic =p

  5. Too bad there's none other topic is easily to discuss about in this world beside Sex~

    anyway, nice meeting n it's 1st time here~
    wishing u have a great day^^