Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitching up your trousers

Everybody knows who Urkel is. If you don't know, then you are just too young. But this guy was the epitome of nerd for quite sometimes. A nerd who don't have a style living in the years of buff-up guys ruling the roost. When nerds are nerds and not cool geeks who owns an empire while lording over other people. Some got stuffed into lockers. Some couldn't even walk on the street without being chase by other boys.

What is so special about Urkel? It is how he dressed. He always hitch his trousers as of it depends on it being so high up halfway of his body for it to not fall. Even if he already has a suspender to help it up.

Have you seen this being done in public? Yes, actually it is something totally normal for men to do. They stand somewhere and they try to hitch their trousers discreetly. How discreet can one be if you can only do it if you are standing. Then you still need to do some adjustment to your shirt on top. This act will not go away as much as anything women do discreetly. The feeling after the adjustment? A feeling of superiority as you can now walk with more onlookers looking at your hitched trousers.

It may not be at par with scratching your balls in public or adjusting your underwear so you have room to breath. It can be done in private but why bother when a person of a certain age looks at you and wondering why did they let him out? He is a mess. I have this theory, why all these kids playing and wearing clothes several time too big for them. With clothes that big, hitching up trousers is the least of their worries. For them, their underwear is to be seen and the trousers is to be worn below the ass. No one will want to hear about how to bring up trousers which is already on his or her knee.

Whatever it is, the spirit of Urkel lives on to remind us on how one can still look uncool while being cool...


  1. Around here, some teenagers and younger men wear their pants so baggy and loose that they have to hold them up with one hand at all times. It looks completely ridiculous when they struggle just to walk down the street.

  2. Its a trend...Maybe it will catch up and everybody only have that alternative ; 0