Monday, March 30, 2009

How far are you willing to go for love?

I am reading one of Paulo Cuelho's book with the title Frida about his usual search of enlightenment and magic. I always find his book interesting but as a Muslim who has my own believe, I am more interested in the character presented in it than it's messages. Anyway, the opening of the book starts with the introduction of the main character, Frida. I am currently at page 3 but the first few paragraphs are intriguing as Frida contemplate the question whether she will leave the love of her life for something which she had tried to achieve all her life. In short, love or ambition.

I have never been tested with a question such as that where I need to make a choice between love and ambition. I am where I was career-wise since I started my career. I got to know my wife when I was still struggling and she has seen me driving a small car, renting an apartment to a better car and owning my own house. That is nothing compare to those couples which had to go through economic hardship, sickness and all sorts of things. We may be tested yet but we hope we can get through it with flying colour. 

All the love story that you have read and have watched on the silver screen or the television and you know that love is supposed to make you do the unthinkable. Love is supposed to move mountain. In these medium, even if you steal someone else love, if the former love is a protagonist, it is supposed to be okay. He or she deserved it as he or she might be abusive or just don't understand love as love should be. Seems easy right? That is why books and movies are call escapism...

In reality, love is to be tested before it can be as sweet as it is supposed to be. Those feeling that you feel during that first few months where you cannot get enough of your love one may only be infatuation. It may be true love but how about giving it a few more months or years. Then, you'll see...

How far would you go for love?


  1. i was going to blog about something similar to your post's title, so I shall wait for now ......haha

    anyway, I find depends on how one define love as...

    will be blogging on what I think about "How far are you willing to go for love?" from my experiences as well as a friend's question..

  2. i choose love.
    anythin else can wait.

    love is a fist.satu tumbukan padu ke mata.
    lama2 lebam,biru dan sakit itu akan hilang

    tapi kita masih tau dan takkan lupa penumbuk sapa yang telah melebamkan mata kita.


  3. HI hi.. Wow, great story u shared!
    Well, just visiting u!!
    clicked on ur ads too!!
    mind to exchange link?!@!

  4. I would cross the world just to be with my love if he would love me for who I am. Inside and out.

    Btw, I came from BOTB and have to open this in a new window so I can vote for you in time and also read this post. And wow it is indeed a wonderful story!

  5. Lisa - Will wait and read it with interest

    j or ji - Right on man...

    David - Thanks for stopping by...

    Daisy - Thanks again Daisy. You are really a doll