Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The question you should never answer...

...which I answered truthfully. Yes, that question which they whispered at the club they called the Already Married Club. The question is "Do I look fat in this?". And yes, I am someone who loves to flirt with danger. I answered "Yes", if the answer I should be saying is that. And yes again, I am still alive and well, living in this small country I called Malaysia with all my limbs intact and breathing properly through a nose, not broken by any sudden move from the person who wanted me to answer that question.

I actually wonders why people would want to ask a question which they want to hear an answer to. I know, psychologist and women's magazine have said that you need to be tactful when dealing with the fairer sex about their looks and their heart. I beg to differ (as only a lawyer could without thinking of the consequences). 

My argument is based on the reason for the question. It is asked in order for the women to do a few things :-

1) So that they can assess whether they need to do any adjustment to the dress that they are wearing;

2) They need to know whether they need to do more exercise and whether the hard work that they have put in paid off;

3) If they have just given birth, they wanted an affirmation that they have really get back their 'before' figure;

4) They need to know whether all the money spent on the diet pill, girdle or other assortments of clothing which is supposed to make them slimmer do make them slimmer;

5) They need to know whether the tailor really did manage to do justice to the beautiful piece of cloth they bought which was then turned into a beautiful dress. Especially if the cloth was expensive and the tailor is supposed to be the best in town;

So, based on this just 5, with countless other justification, I herewith my lord (or is it madam), I think I reserve the right to answer the age-old question as truthfully as possible. Of course, if any of you suddenly couldn't contact me after more than 5 days or saw this blog not being updated more than one month, can you please contact the nearest police station within my area and see whether I am alive and well....

I think your butt looks a little big there dear...


  1. I would always answer that question, YES. I have done it a few times, and then explained that I will answer that way every time. It's a question that should only be asked by someone who wants the truth. If I am told after I answer that she was sincere with the question, then I will give the truth. I have not gotten in trouble like this yet, but I have also never been married either.:)

  2. saya baru tgok American reality tv - The Biggest Loser

    mcm bersemangat pula

  3. Ratty - It doesn't apply to married men only

    Kujie - Macam nak perangkap je ni. Manalah tau saya tertanya pulak soalan tu ; )