Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes, men actually are gossipers too. They just wouldn't admit to it, ever. Why do you think men takes a long time to get back home if they are at the corner stall or at the watering hole. They will act as if they were discussing the important matters like current issues or the economic slowdown or things that matters. They are actually discussing about a politician marrying a particular artist. A woman in their neighbourhood who seems loose and wear scandalous clothings. All the things that women gossip but done with more plomb and gusto.

In my circle of friends, whom I rarely meet nowadays, there is this one guy who people call a public service announcer. Just tell him about anything, that particular story will reach the whole lawyer's community within days. If a judge snapped during a trial either due to lack of evidence or just because she or he was having a bad day, I could bet my short that story will make it's way in no time. And yes, lawyers gossips too. Especially in last week case when a lawyer was beaten up by a suspect who was handcuffed but managed to free himself and caused a ruckus when he attacked that particular lawyer who he thought was a politician who had just caused an uproar in Parliament due to his vocal critisicm of the current's government political party. That story was known to all within an hour or so.

Of course men will not admit that they love gossip. I for one will deny it although I am known to do it once in a while. I love watching E! just to know what is going on in Hollywood and a local TV magazine show called Melodi about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Once I had the chance to go to a very famous celebrity would-be husband's house. That was 3 months before the husband divorced his then wife and married the celebrity. Their relationship was already strained then. The whole of the next week, each time I met a few of my VIP client, who are mostly men, that was the story which I told them about. They loved it and keep calling me the next one month for any new gossip.

A group of men discussing...

So, the next time you see a discussion by a group of men at the lobby of a hotel, smoking cigar and looking all important, don't believe for one minute that their discussion will make or break a company's bottom line. It may be just about Angelina Jolie's reaction during Jennifer Aniston's presentation at the Oscar...


  1. hahaha
    yes, sometimes men can be a better gossiper compared to women =D

    it is funny how a few of my guy friends do the gossiping while having a drinking session with them =)

  2. just curious about men sitting familiar eh, esp the red shirt and the left one...from IIUM of LLB 1998 or what?

  3. i hate gossip but wouldn't mind to 'tumpang sekaki' to hear whether any latest nude pic of my MP's

  4. I think everybody likes gossip sometimes. Guys don't gossip around me very much though, because if they do it too much I have a bad habit of acting like a jerk and teasing them. I guess I probably cheat myself out of some good stuff, and maybe a few friends because of that.

  5. Aiyoo... I know some men whom I call "Makcik Timah". They are worse than women in their gossipping! CNN and BBC World Service rolled into one.

    I am afraid I find men like that extremely UNattractive.

    But yeah, I like my E! And my trashy mags.. :D

  6. Lisa - See, a confirmation from another source

    etomyam - Maybe, they were my schoolmates but I don't know where they study after

    26 - by being there is already consider u like them ; )

    Ratty - Maybe thoughtful conversation is more up your alley...

  7. Yikes! I hate gossipers! Men or women. Geesh... btw, I got here from BOTB and just voted for you! Hope you win!