Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last minute

I think this is what they meant by procrastinating. Putting off something which you can do a few months ago. It is four o'clock in the morning. I have just sent my assignment for one of my Islamic finance Masters class to the lecturer using the internet system reserved for us. Thank God there was no problem for the system to receive my assignment although it did warned me that I am sending the assignment late. The dateline? Yesterday 14.3.09. When I sent it, the clock had just turn to 15.3.09 more than four hours. Hmmm... Hope he is not too strict in that matter.

Have you ever done this? Doing something at the last minute. I remember those long queue when the police discounts to motorist who had summon in their name. A lot of people turned up 2 days before the campaign ends although the whole of two weeks before that rush, the queue was empty. 

I have been doing this sleep late at night to do assignments since my school days. I even sent my thesis for my bachelor degree at the tail end of the dateline. My professor was strict then but she was nice enough to accept my final draft. I got an A- for that effort. Maybe not all people will accept it or do it on a regular basis. 

Just cannot take a swipe at my EPL rival. Just now somebody said the score of 4 -1 which was suffered by Manchester United due to lost against Liverpool. Some smart aleck says ManUtd still can come and ask to be move as he claims he is disable. A team which like to score last minute. Hmmm... not that time. They lost, big time...

Do you do things last minute?


  1. I am the Queen of all the Minah Last Kopek. *LOL* I work better under pressure (that's my excuse)... when in reality, I put the 'pro' in procrastination. :P


  2. Will try to get the throne too....