Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let us talk football or soccer

I am actually an avid fan of a football club in England by the name of Arsenal. I have been following their plight, for better for worse since 1990s. I think in the United States football is called soccer as they have a national pastime called American football. I have not really like football until I was taught by my course mates on the beauty of the game. As we do a lot of thing with our hands, the skill of handling a ball with our feet is exceptional to a chosen few. That is why football legend Pele coined the term it is a "beautiful game".

Football must be the most intriguing mystery to the female mind as much as men wondering how many shoes a woman need (read my take on it here which basically explain the difference between our shoe needs and theirs). I know that there are currently women or girls who love football as much as men but they are just like men who loves to watch Victoria Secret's fashion show. When it is time for the real reason, it is always about the way certain footballer looks or how they have a 'hard' body. The game itself is just a thing they learn as and when it is on TV. 

I may touch a few nerves here but in Asia, a few years back there were suddenly an influx of women television host who were supposed to be the new type of women who loves football as much as men. They tried it out that one season and then they discover, as much as men love watching women (especially beautiful ones) hosting shows, they just couldn't accept the idea of women talking about football. Especially when they don't really know what they are talking about. I think the network owner realised that they are dicing with danger of losing viewership then revert back to men hosting these shows. Women can gush over men in
their own magazine shows.

As for me, I have no problem having to ask the women of my life in participating in my passion. All of them hates football. In my whole family there are only 2 of the men who really watch football. My dad and my elder brother don't really like it. My wife and my mother will only scratch their head when I got excited over a game. My mom even scold me if I shouted at the TV if there was a missed penalty or over other things happening on the field. To them there are 22 fools running around chasing one ball. To me that is the beauty of game.


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    Maybe because women doesn't supposed to play football? Thats what I think.