Friday, March 20, 2009

The best time to have sex

This is not another I-still-don't-have-a-child-so-I-have-to-try-and-try-again post. I have told that type of story a few times already. I told the story how I kept on donating 'my boys' in the post Trying and a sex session in the post Scheduled Sex.

This time, let us talk about the real thing. The question is, what is the best time for you? Not a quickie, wham-bam-thank-you-madam kind of sex but the one where there is build up, knowing that you are finally going to do it (for the new couple) or for those who have not met for a long time or even for those who are married and doing it regularly. For all thing, you surely have a favourite time. 

Let me give you an example. Some novelist likes to write at night. Some love jogging in the morning. Some love to sleep early. Some love to wake up very early. Some love sleeping late. Some wants their break fast at 11am. Some don't have breakfast at all.

This is the question of time.

Afternoon delight? Between those 1pm and 5pm when people are busy at work and once in a while you steal some time to be with your partner as it is the best time where you really enjoy it (or this is the only time your lover is free. Warning bells!!!)

Early morning? For men, this is the best time as their boys will be at their best after resting the whole night and it is known to wake up at this hour.

The usual nightime between 10pm to 2am according to the time you go to bed.

For Muslims, Thursday night is the best time as our holy day of the week (Sabbath) is Friday...

Or you don't have a preferred time. Just when it strike your fancy...

Like me...


  1. I think it's best when it's spontaneous. So no specific time... just when the spirit moves me. ;D

  2. my poor husband...

    never gets it.

  3. Ellie, maybe you should give in once in a while