Thursday, March 19, 2009

If a women wear lingerie, what should the men wear?

I have a genuine question. The women have it easy then it comes to looking sexy. They have all this store, La Senza, Xixili, even those which sold grandma underwear like Wacoal has now wised up and is selling lingerie other than just bra and panties. Even the underwear are wild enough to be taken as lingerie. Which means that the ladies don't have any problem having the 'Bridget Jone' complex when they want to get it on with their man, even if it is their first time. 

My question is, How About the Men? What should they wear to look sexy?

I know that women would say, men can look sexy just by being naked and showing off their six-packs abs and chest hair. But how about us normal guys out here? Those with the need to hide some of our bulging stomach. Whose stomach is six pack in a barrel. Or even those who have the normal slim body with nothing to show except their bones. Don't we need some special type of something to enhance our appearance. As much as the emphasise is on how hard we need to be, which have made millions for those who sell all those  enhancers. Don't get me started on the extender which supposedly can help you elongate your manhood. As much as your equipment plays an important part, can't we say the same for the women? But they still get to wear those lingerie and we are left with? 

Boxers? See-through underwear? Crotchless underwear? Thong? (there are those for men, but please, do not wear them to the beach) How about just plain shorts? Or whities?

Any other that I miss out?

And this is just one of the latest 'underwear' from Wacoal


  1. perhaps for men, it's not really what they wear as second skin, but more so the accesories they own. accessories in this manner could translate into the car they drive, the house they own, the effort they take in dressing up and taking care of themselves. there's no equivalent to lingerie for men per se... men display their attractiveness differently (except for todd from scrubs, with his banana hammock)

  2. erm i think a fit body is the best...

    coz if one have really big tummy and fat ass, whatever one wear might be 'covered' by the sights... =p

  3. oh..
    i love man in boxer..
    cute and manly at the same time..

  4. adrian - in the bedroom, not in general...

    lisa - at least the women can 'cover' it

    Callister - Hmmm... someone will need to have a lot of boxer...

    Ve-stige - That is given. This is more about enhancement of the vision