Monday, March 9, 2009

Why men easily get in trouble sexually

This post comes from an idea formed when I saw a youtube video on how to hide one's hards-on if ever the big boy decides to wake up. The actor was hiding it using body positioning, thoughts and various other devices so not to be too obvious he is feeling a bit excited (sorry, I don't have a link to it). However, I think, this comes to another idea on how men always seem to get into trouble sexually more than women. The problem lies in our anatomy in which when we get excited, our manhood will stick out. Differentiate it with women who have their hidden and their excitement may only be evident if something is put in. I know, I sound crude and vulgar but let see this on a science point of view.

When a man is excited, he will have something which is not easy to hide sticking out from the middle of his body. When it is sticking out, all sort of mischief starts forming in his mind. For the one who has a much dirtier or worse, evil mind than other men, which lacks self control, he will try to find a place to release the pressure that is forming in his body. That pressure point can be a bane to some and can even be a turning point of evil being done. In date rape cases, usually people will go out, have a drink, go back home and when the are two of them in the house, if the couple starts to make out then who will be more excited and can't stop himself. Of course, it is the man. That is why you should never lead a man. You think they have other things on their mind when they are excited?

So, the next time you see a man being excitable and all, try to calm him down. As much as you want to get into the sack with him, think about whether you are ready to do it or not. If you are not of the right mind, have a friend whom you can trust to be with you. If you excite a man, then be aware of his shortcoming (pun intended). This may be a lame explanation especially when it comes to those sick minds who do more than just try to have sex with women but even torture and kill them or those pedophile who seems to be a growing community in itself. What I try to explain here are the normal average guy who seems to be a walking sex maniac when he becomes excited about something sexual. Tread with caution...


  1. Cause men's sexual device is consider external unlike women's built in one.

  2. Unlike women's integrated sex organ, men's are external device. :)

  3. Yep hyperX, that is why our external device sometimes do thing we don't want it to do...