Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The memory of running

My jogging track
Every other day, according to the level of my determination to stay in shape, I will jog around my housing area. As my housing area is the envy of those exercise freak who use the road leading to my house as their jogging and bicycle track. As it was a part of a forest reserve once and was mired in controversy when it was given to the developer who developed it into a housing estate, just to get to the first house within it, you need to drive at least one kilometre (about 0.6 miles) in. My house itself is 2.5 km or 1.7 miles from the entrance.

What I do every week, on those week when I stick to my exercise regime throughout, on weekdays, I will be shaping myself up with a short jog around the phases. As there are 4 phases for me to chose, I alternate between the two of them every other day. So, that take care of my fitness for the one real jog on Saturday or Sunday. On either day, I will try to tackle my ultimate Everest. It is nothing to the average marathon runner as 3/4 of the route is flat and the finale is a half mile of hill climbing. If I manage to do the whole rout, it can be said that I have jog a whole of 5 km.

This 5 km is the determination of how fit am I. If I manage to do it properly, which mean a run without stopping except to change direction at the end of 2.5 km, then I aced it. If I manage to do it where certain places I have to change pace, then, it is consider good but not excellent. If I have to stop and walk in parts, I consider there is something wrong with myself. If I can't even climb the hill, I need to take caution. Right now, I am at the not so fit phase, I have been neglecting my exercise. Other than some tightrope skipping and gardening around the house, I actually is in danger of being an unfit guy. For me who has a not so ideal weight with a tendency to overeat, it is not good.

As it is, this is a new week and here I go again...

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  1. when human get into a certain age, it's pretty hard to maintain the shape we once had.....

    so need to consider controlling the intake but with the amount of good food available, we are spoilt rotten!!! lolx

    so good luck in jogging and staying healthy!