Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have a doctor's appointment today. This is the third time I am meeting this doctor and it is not easy to admit that I hate seeing him. My wife is trying to get pregnant (why does a couple has to say 'we' are trying to get pregnant, what does the guy do? Oh, I get it, the sperm...) and I have to ensure all my boys are good enough to swim towards the egg. It was discovered that both of us have something wrong somewhere and both of us have to be probed and poked. We decided before we spend money in some private hospital or maternity specialist centre, we used the government facility first. We believe government do have better facilities than private as if anything happen, they have more equipment to deal with it (and more money to pay off)

Its not easy on the ego to admit that you have failed in doing the basic reason why one's get married which is to have children. Okay, second basic reason after regular sex so you don't put your thing where it doesn't belong. Nearly everyone participates in the discussion when the subject of children crops up and we were advised to do so many things. Some says the cats that we keep are contributing to our health decline but we were endorsed by both of our parents who don't think so. We were told to meet this dukun or that witch doctor. We were given advices by those who have 10 kids and those who just have one. It even becomes a running joke between us (although both of us think its not funny) when we were posed questions to this matter.
We were successful a few month back through IUI or artificial insemination but we lost the fetus after 2 months. Then, it was so near Ramadhan that we decided to change the next session after Hari Raya.
So, here we are...
Today, I am going to have to 'donate' some more into a plastic cup in a drab room with a television and a VCD player with no VCD (today I'm trying to smuggle a porn! Shhh...) and let them analyse what is wrong with my boys. I shouldn't have train them with Malaysian athlete who are always trying to ask for more money. Should have sent them to wherever that Thorpe guy is training so they can be better swimmer. Come on guys, let us show them what we are made off


  1. I know what u mean. Hubby and I are trying to get pregnant too. Good luck ya Apak

  2. Usaha tangga kejayaan Pak! Telan bawang bebanyak sket hehe :-)

  3. Some people just don't get how sensitive these things are. I get that question all the time too. Suddenly, one is not enough, and when we add more to the family even, it will still not be enough. I sometimes feel like shoving their shoes in their mouths for even asking. I have my own reasons, and it's none of their business.

    But to you, my friend, take it easy, though the idea of smuggling porn does seem exciting. Hilarious in fact!

  4. Pak...

    Keep on trying. Nothing wrong with that. Just up the tempo and frequency. Kalau Jamal dari dulu asyik bawang ajer dia tau! Carilah petuA baru beb! Sorry to hear about the loss fetus. Taqdir Tuhan Pak.