Monday, March 16, 2009


I rarely mention in this blog about my family other than my wife and my cats. I did mention the relationship between my wife and my mom which is less than stellar but that was basically how far I went with regards to mentioning my family. It's not as if I don't have one as all my two brothers are alive and well as is my parents.

Being the youngest in the family with my other siblings being men, sure make my life seems easy as compared to those families where the brothers and sisters had to tolerate each other although if they have a choice they may choose to have someone else as their family. I was never that close with my two brothers. Each of us is separated by 4 years of age different. I am four years younger than my second brother as he is with my eldest brother. Convenient huh? My mom did told us that she actually had a few episodes of miscarriage in between us but seems that there are only us as her children.

Relation between us siblings are not that close as we never really had a chance to go to school together as all of us goes to boarding school when we reached secondary school. All of us are schooled at different places in the country. The only time my brother and I ever been in the same school was when he was in Standard 5 and 6 and I was in Standard 1 and 2 respectively. Then he went off to secondary school. 

My second brother became a doctor moved to the south of Malaysia and married a dentist there. They now have two kids and he is in a private practice which he owns. My eldest brother graduated as an engineer from the University of Michigan, USA but went off the IT line immediately upon returning to Malaysia. 
The only real relation which I have with my brother is my eldest brother love for books, movies and passion for business. He did try to set up his own company once but he worked too long with another company once that he went back in as an employee with another company shortly after his company close down. As for my second brother our relation is more on the legal advice that I dispense in exchange with his medical advice. However, once in a while, we do try to gather at our parent's and this time for the first time we are going off on a holiday together. 
Maybe time do make us appreciate family more....


  1. rindukan anak sulung dari 8 beradik tetapi not too close lah....form 1 dah tak tinggal dengan family.

    Tapi bila dah berkeluarga, rasanya hubungan lebih rapat..boleh bercakap /bincang apa saja.

    Sy lebih rapat dgn keluarga mertua...suami anak ke 5 dari 11 adik beradik...semua di Lembah Klang....bayangkan kalau semua berkumpul....gamat!

  2. Saya bertiga je tapi tak riuh pun. Anak-anak abang2 saya je riuh. Kitorang borak pun selalunya pasal bisnes...