Sunday, March 22, 2009

My friend got married to an actress and I got to know it through a magazine

My friend and his bride is the last couple
(the one with headgear and the wife with covered head)

Yep, I found out about him like all the other 28 Million Malaysians. Maybe with the 100,000 who read these entertainment magazines. The couple in the middle is one of Malaysia supposedly hottest couple (that was before they were kind of given the cold shoulder by the press after a few PR disaster)

I was told by my friend he was getting married when I visited him in Kelantan during the fasting month, which was in September 2008. As his age and mine is the same, I said it was about time. Little did I realised that he was serious about it.

Then, in December 2008, all of us from the same alma mater short message in our handphone. It was an announcement from him on his engagement which everyone can get details from in the magazine you see above. So, I got the detail there and found that the lady he was marrying is supposed to be famous. All my staff know her but that was my first time seeing her name. 

So, that is how you tell someone if you get married to an actress.

p/s - They are already husband and wife when this post is published. Congratulation to them!!!


  1. Siapakah? Is she the Kelantanese 'artiste' who has since lost a lot of weight from the time she first started doing TV shows? Can't read the name on the pic you posted.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how one sees it :P) I don't read Mangga. :D

  2. For someone who doesn't read Mangga you are DEAD ON!

  3. Me too..i can't really see her name.sape tu?

  4. you didn't get the invitation man? too bad :(

  5. her name is mek 'something ?' from salam pantai timur?

  6. Sorry guys, I also know her as Mek only from Salam Pantai Timur and I was invited but as they got married in Kelantan, it was on a Thurday, so didn't go but sent sms only to my friend.

  7. now she's acting in julia juli every 4.30pm tv3 every weekdays and ulangan mlm tv9 at 8.400pm.. hehe:) she just managed to loose do know how many kilos.. gud achievement!