Monday, March 23, 2009

Handbag carrier

Why oh why must the new generation do it? I have seen it in malls and I sometimes just want to go to these guys and speak my mind about it. I know they think it is part of the whole chivalry thing but it is not. This is disgraceful and it is never to be intended as such. Ask all the handbag designer who design designer handbags, say it together now,


Not you, the man. And please you are carrying all wrong by putting it on your shoulder like that. And please, your excuse that it is heavy and you are just helping a lady does not make sense at all. If they have an oversize handbag, they choose to do so and they should be the one who is carrying it.

I mean, there are no apparent reason for this to be the norm. You are in love and everything, but what justify this? You can still carry their luggage, if they have one or whatever they have bought. You can even carry them if you want to, but please lah, those things that they call a handbag? That's for them to take care of by themselves. Unless they went to the ladies and someone need to hold it for them. Or for whatever valid reason.

But, please, just for the sake of humanity and manhood, let the ladies carry their own handbag.


  1. It looks so gay also sometimes...

  2. I totally agree with that. I would NEVER let my boyfriend carry my bag UNLESS it was for like 5 minutes (I needed him to carry it for me when I go to the toilet for example). But any longer is unacceptable. I don't get why ladies like to make their guys carry their handbags for them.

  3. yeah i tought i'm the only one who thinks like that....