Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Can't Alway Get What You Want

There is this song by the Rolling Stones (No, I'm not that old) due to the television series Californication, which tell a story of David Duchovny character, Hank Moody, who is a writer and was divorced by his wife when his wife fell for another man. All this happened as they were living together and Hank does not believe in marriage. Hank then became a sex addict (which Duchovny replicated in real life) and his misadventure was chronicaled in the first season.

They had a kid and the first season was wrapped up with the wife character getting into Hank's car on the night of her marriage to the other guy, with their daughter and they drove off into the night.

I post about classic lines, Hollywood style, uttered in this show once as there was always the issue of 'trust' being brought up. You can access my post here

Anyway, this post today is about the song by the Rolling Stones who sang the words which is good to live by

"You Can't Always Get What You Want,
But If You Try Sometimes,
You Get What You Need"

Isn't 'need' is always more important that 'want'? That's the first rule of trade right? Including in this institution called marriage...

Go figure...

Here's the shortcut to the song -


  1. Trust when destroyed is not something that can be reinstated/revived easily. In a relationship all the feelings might still be there but if trust, that PILLAR that holds up any relationship is gone... then there isn't much hope for that relationship to carry on happily. It can carry on, sure.. (I have seen it happen!) but certainly in a lot of strife.

  2. Seen it happen to a very old couple