Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to receive compliments

Imagine being an only male on the table and you are being complimented on your gentlemanly behaviour as if you are good enough to be a husband. I think that if you are single and those who are complementing you are also single, you will have the choice pick on the table.

Imagine if you are already a husband and all those who are doing the complementing are single women. You will thinking twice or more than twice.

To make another analogy, how about if you are the only male and those on the table are married women with problems at home. That problems were discussed and then aired out for all to hear and their spouses being compared with....YOU!

I have been in all situation but the most embarrasing one has to be the one where they discussed of you and keep on saying how they wish their husband is like that when they are in certain situations.

I have this weapon that I use when I am in this situation, which is also applicable if I am being nag by anyone, be it my mother or on rare occasion, my wife. I space out. I'm there but I'm not there. I'll make the appropriate noise but not really into the conversation.

Just that I wish sometimes for my wife to hear it, just to stoke that male ego I have...

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