Friday, December 19, 2008

Sharing food

It is not easy to be on a diet without looking cheap.

Every supermodel wanna-be knows the rule of not eating after 8pm (or is it not eating at all, period?). As for me, who need to diet, due to my overweightiness (is there such a word?) and my high likelihood being a diabetic due to my genes, I have another way of cutting on my food intake.

I tend to share food with my wife when we go have food which tend to be high in carbohydrate. Living in Malaysia, where the staple food is rice, this is hard to do as we have been trained to eat rice since we know how to eat 'hard' food. Carbohydrate is very high in rice, especially if its the normal rice, not the healthy basmathi type rice, which is so hard to get now in Malaysia.

We share everything from street food to hotel food, unless we are really hungry... Cheap? Who cares?

So, we always eat together in this place near our house, where we would order a plate of fried rice and I usually eat some kind of soup, which is usually chicken soup. Then we ordered a dish, usually some meat or chicken and we may or may not order an omellete to accompany the friend rice.

Then, we would ask an empty plate and cutlery, and share all those food.

And people would stare as we are eating street food but share the rice as if we can't afford the RM1.00 for another plate of rice. Of course its cheap but I am more concern about eating too much rice and I would let my stomach be filled with the soup than the rice.

Its just better to ignore the stare and enjoy my health before it is too late.


  1. I've had to stop eating rice for the same reason. I love rice, and now I really miss it.

  2. In Asia, rice is as important that without it most won't feel that have eat anything all day

  3. sharing food with your partner is sort of a, how i see it as romantic, loving.who cares if people stare, as long as we both enjoy it!