Monday, December 1, 2008

If that ain't love...

The song by Supertramp, sung back by Gym Class Hero, on how he thinks that a girl is in love with him with one of the chorus saying "If that ain't love I don't know what love is" made me to start thinking about the nature of modern love among my friends especially. Singing on how if you look at his girlfriend and you will see how much that girl love him. She then change her ringtone which will be unique to him when he calls.

This pop song of love and affection shows that time have change. The Supertramp song was sampled by Gym Class Hero and renamed "Cupid's Chokehold". Apt name with the way the singer expressing his happiness of being chosen by his girlfriend and treated to various affectionate acts. He was surprised at these acts and expressed himself through this song.

Its not really the whole song that catches my fancy but its the word "If that ain't love I don't know what love is" which implies that the person who love you did things which is exclusively yours and no one else. The personalised ringtone, the late night talks, all the affections and all the sacrifices that you are willing to make. It all had to do with giving a unique feeling to your love one. Doesn't every couple feel that their love is the greatest in the world.
Mama love

When you are married, the greatest thing that you will need to adapt to is your partner idiosyncrocies.

The burping. The farting. The scratching. The anal retentive mind. The slob. The not-putting-in-place-back-the-thing-that-I-have-taken. For male. And some female.

The PMS. The shoes. The furniture. The dress. The why-did-I-marry-this-guy? questionable look. This is for the female. And some male?? (maybe in this day and age)

Anyway, tolerance is the key to success. If not, you will throw in the towel very shortly after your union... or have a very miserable life together. Like some people I know...