Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is Eidul Adha or Hari Raya Haji in Malaysia. I will be at my parent's house in Seremban and already up since 6.30am to prepare myself for solat sunat eidul adha at 8.30am near the surau at my mother's house. I won't be having breakfast before prayers as that is another sunat on hari raya haji. Some bonuses require hardship and not eating breakfast is nothing.

My wife remember her first raya haji at parent's for all the wrong reason. My insensitivity...

I was so into this plus points that you can gather during the two eid that Muslims celebrate such as new clothing, different routes going to and fro from the mosque and eating breakfast before prayer for Eid Fitr whilst for Eid Adha, the old clothing, same routes going to and fro from the mosque and not eating breakfast before the prayer. As a bachelor, I had followed this to a T. I did all these by myself and my mother was not really the type to help me prepare my clothes for that day as she had trained me to do this by myself.

From the year that I got married, we celebrated both eids in my hometown. This has been the case even to this year. So, on that particular eidul adha, the night before eid, I asked my wife to prepare my baju Melayu (how do you translate this to English? Malay clothes?). When I was saw that she had prepared a new baju Melayu which she made specifically for that occasion making it a new clothes which made me unfairly saying that she had made a terrible mistake and she should find me one of my old baju Melayu. She took it hard as she did not understand the reason for me so wanting to get that bonus.

I think that is one of my fallability. Looking at too big a picture that I tend to forget the smaller details.

Sacrifice on eidul adha has always been a theme for its existence. My wife had done a lot for me this 5 years we were married. I have done my share too but this post is about her and I just wanna say...

Thank you...

The cow which is going be 'sacrificed' for the coming Eid...
(Not in referral of any kind to the post) 


  1. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha kepada umat Islam di seluruh dunia dari slumbeRAJA! :)

  2. Apak..if aku tertidur cemana ek?..hehe..Alhamdulillah u still practises those sunnahs...
    suasana raya xde la sini..anyway just wanna wish u Selamat Eidul Adha Al-Mubarak..

  3. A very interesting post. Thank you for sharing these traditions.

  4. slumberaja > Selamat Hari Raya too

    albamin > Memang kat Dubai tu lain. Ela pernah raya posa kat sana tak meriah langsung. Lepas solat raya, pegi hotel makan. Aku tak dpt bagi nasihat sebab tak penah raya di luar negeri

    Anonymous > come again to know more