Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Siblings gathering

My wife and I had a good weekend due to the long holiday of Maal Hijrah. We spent it at a hotel with my sibling from Johor Bharu right across Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They stayed there for 2 days but we stayed for just one night.

The siblings
The food at Tarbush

My eldest brother from Subang Jaya came to join in the merriment on the 27th and we had dinner at the Tarbush restaurant at the lower ground floor of Starhill Gallery. After we had our fill of Tabouleh, grilled lamb, beriyani and thick Turkish coffee and tea, we walked around Bukit Bintang area. As there are 5 children there, we stopped at the Haagen Dazs ice cream parlor in front of Lot 10 and had a session of eating ice cream.

The kids sharing the ice cream

The simple thing in life

On the Sunday, we had breakfast together at the hotel and then lunch at the Pavilion's TGI Friday.

Rarely do we have a gathering such as this and sometimes although we rarely meet, this is the time to bond. It differ from meeting at our parent's as not all will be at the table even though everyone are back. All in all, its a good gathering and the only missing component was our parents who had many weddings to attend.