Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 new year party revisited

When my firm moved to our new office on 1.9.07, we were excited as there is a penthouse on top of the main office and a bit of a open space at the rooftop for us to relax and use for certain occasion. That occasion came when we launched our new office on 30.11.07 and then again, when we celebrated the 2008 new year.

It was a simple gathering with clients from all spectrum with friends and families adding to the festive atmosphere. We just cooked some barbeque with a few partners contributing food cooked at home. The entertainment were good conversations, good food, a selection of songs from my laptop (I don't have a proper sound system) and a karaoke set in the only room on the rooftop.

Guest on the rooftop enjoying their meal
(The lights ack there is Sunway Pyramid area)

Exactly at the stroke of midnight, we waited to see which firework would we see from the rooftop and we discovered that we could see firworks at the nearby Sunway Pyramid, from somewhere in Subang, a little bit of the Midvalley Megamall celebration and surprise, surprise, the best was from a low cost flat just 50 metres from our office.

This year, we were told all celebrations are off due to the death of a monarch, who was the Malaysian king 2 terms ago (which is every 5 years) and there may not be fireworks. Knowing Malaysian, some will still do it but I still haven't decide whether I will be just watching the television or outside contributing to the massive jam which will never ceased to NOT happen after new year celebration.

Anyway, wherever and however you celebrate it tonight, have a Happy New Year 2009. May it be a better year for all...


  1. is cool that your office have rooftop, I wish to have that kind of place, so we can always held gathering up there. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year too kennhyn. We have't used it for quite some times. Maybe this 2009 we will use it more often ;)