Saturday, December 6, 2008

Faking it

Does women really believe that when you fake it, we, men, wouldn't know? Just by looking at the face and feeling the spasm, a man should know the real deal. A real man that is...

Anyway, faking emotions or the big 'O' doesn't just apply to women. Do you realised that men are good at 'faking' too? They can fake being guilty at something or being 'insaf' like what the Muslim would say. They can shed tears if the need arise.

Okay, I know that I am not being fair. There are a lot of cry-babies out there but come on, when it comes to real man, REAL as in the heterosexual one-woman type of guy, okay scratch that, heterosexual guy (who wish for more than one woman), crying with real emotions are so unreal. Unless there's a death in the family or your football team lost in the final game of the season which would have clinched the title (go Arsenal!)

Read my post on Crying at I am the complete opposite of my better half and I only fake it when I want to sleep late by not waking up when called to do houseworks...


  1. This was a great post. I like the way you think. Your posts are always entertaining.

  2. Sometimes there is a need to fake it... haha, just can't help it, but I guess the men do not mind ~ sometimes. :)

  3. it when people say something on my writing

  4. agree with ratty ^^. love they way u think and blog except the arsenal part. haha, kidding bro.

  5. i think....

    the faking is good to boost the Adam's ego and help to lessen the guilt of Eve...

    as for crying, it goes deeper than that..some are more emotionally stirred than others...applies to both Adam&Eve