Thursday, December 4, 2008

Small like daddy's

As I still don't have a child, a story about the cuteness of kids and their inquiring minds is very rare and is always 'borrowed' from a friend. The friend in question is my wife's colleague.

She was breastfeeding her newborn one afternoon and the hungry child was still suckling after 15 minutes. As the time passed the mark of 15 minutes, the child was still suckling and she was starting to feel some pain. She said to the baby jokingly "When will you stop suckling? This is taking too long...", she lamented.

Her other son who was sitting near her vicinity suddenly turned to the mother and child and said "Hey baby, don't suck it too long. If not, mama's breast will be small like daddy's...."

Hmmmm.... Maybe that's why the Japanese created a bra for men...

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  1. Yep. Kids say the darnest things! That's one of the highlights of having kids- besides the lack of sleep and washing up their poopoo for the first six to 12 months when you get one...

    And there's an added bonus: the newborn smell! Nothing beats it! Not even the new-car smell rivals it...In fact if someone was ingenious enough, he/she could package both smells into one and make a fortune in fragrances!!!