Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chick flicks

Whenever my wife wants to watch a movie, especially when the movie is a lovey dovey movie or about how a boy meet girl then meet another boy/girl who becomes a third wheel or in short when its a chick flick, I would try to wiggle myself out of it.

However, its not that I don't watch chick flicks as I did have my own favourites. I did watched Titanic thrice, at the movies, where at one of the show, I watched it alone. I love When Harry Met Sally (yes, I am that old), You've Got Mail due to all the Godfather quotes in it, High Fidelity due to Jack Black's underated performance and a few others due to its own quirky reasons. I think I even love the Notebook although I never really watched the full movie but some parts at the Astro movie channel.

Nowadays, I know there are too many corny movies being pushed down the throat of the consumers with half-baked scripts and I would always check the reviews on the movie, the director, the hype and the storyline. Even then I would still try to influence my wife to not watch it if I think that its not that good.

Some chick flick movies were so bad that even my wife agreed that we shouldn't have wasted our time. That is how critical we sometimes can be. As we do watch old movies or movie like Priceless or movies such as As Good As Gets which is  one of our favourite, we sometimes watched these movies in the comfort of our own home on the television.

As they say it, they don't make it like they use to...

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