Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to lose to a girl

I am a bad loser and have quite a temper. This is not really good in a relationship where there are only two persons in it without a third person to act as a buffer or a diversion.

I remember a few episodes of games between us in which I lost to my wife. I actually have not played the games which I had lost since both time and my wife is also reluctant to play them again with me. Except if there were other people to enjoy the game with.

One of the game was when we were still not married where we played a game of foosball. It was at the defunct Breakers in Ampang. It was quite a game. I lost 3 out of 3 games (or was it more?)which showed that it was not just luck that made my wife won the games. She was basically quite good. I actually pushed the table away, then. The handles of my side was also pummelled mercilessly throughout.

The second game was a game of Tekken 3 which we played on the new Playstation 2 in which she gifted it to me using her then new Citibank credit card which had an offer for a white special edition PS2. That was a long 12 games in which she won 8 out of it. And she used the girl character who could use a capeiaro moves to move in for the kill on my few manly characters. We didn't actually stop the game amicably as I was frustrated at having lost to her and I actually threw the controller to the floor. She was quite disturbed by it and we stopped playing.

What brought me to these reminiscences? It was due to a series of advertisements by this new radio station called Business FM by AWAM on women violence in Malaysia. Tune in to hear it...

Its broadcasting on 89.9 FM.

Just a thought, how can the men ever raise a hand or a leg or whatever to the woman of their life...

I'll dissect the issues of women violence on another posting but this is more about me and my temper (which is under control for those who are concern)

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