Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drinking session

In Malaysia, or actually, all around the world, it is normal for a friend to ask another friend to "Le's go have a drink". Only, you would expect in other part of the world, the drinking session to happen in a pub or a bar or whatever people call a watering hole in that part of the world.

In Malaysia, a drinking session could me that or a session at the local mamak stall or restaurant and the drinks wouldn't make you tipsy but it can make one a diabetic.

Why a diabetic?

In Malaysia, the national drink is called the 'Teh Tarik' where tea and milk are mix together and served after the concoction is put through an exercise of being transfered from cup to cup. You have to see it to believe it and I think its a favourite among most expat once they have tasted and seen it being done.

Anyway, this is the drink that most Malaysian love to drink and the drinking session can sometimes see one drink between one to 3 glasses of this drink. To accompany this session, you need to have a good friend or two, sit aound the table, set up by the sidewalk or even on the street and if you smoke, all the better. The session can last from 30 minutes to 5 hours, according to the topic at hand. If you are in a neighbourhood where the neighbours may passed by after the final prayer of the day, expect him to join in and expect the conversation to run its course until God knows when. If it is during Ramadhan, it can last until the time have come for you to fast again. That's how long this session can last.

Just to make a point of how intovert I am, I don't have a drinking buddy to this. If I have to spend drinking with anyone, after the first 30 minutes, when I have finished my food and drink, I would fidget and as the hour crept in, I would bolt. I just can't stand bullshit and bullshitter as I am as good as the next lawyer when it come to selling nothing to anyone.

I do have good friends but as I am quite conscious of my high chance of being a diabetic due to my hereditary, I drink all my drinks without sugar, including coffee. How much unsugared coffee can you drink in one session? After the second cup, you will start to get the shake and the taste will start to be quite sour.

So, that's why I can't understand people sitting around just talking for hours on end at coffeshops, unless they have a good book in their hands or at least a laptop to surf the net...


  1. Aku baru-baru ni aje suka Teh Tarik..tapi tak pernah habis satu gelas. Separuh gelas dah ok..juga tak pandai lepak lama2 kat mamaks..sebab mengantuk! haha

  2. Itulah ek... teh tarik is poison when you think about the sugar content. Either take the alternative Teh C or teh-o-limau without the sugar, quite pleasant... ;)

  3. I truly dont understand why my husband like teh tarik so much n he can even lepak at mamak stall for hours just chatting with his best fren...talking about never ending politic issues (wc i hate so much), football etc....y all men like wasting their time like that......