Sunday, December 21, 2008


In Malay, Rajuk is translated best as 'feeling slighted' or 'feeling hurt'. It is a word which had been turned into songs and is enough for one of the couple to say to a third party for it to be understood.

Its usage as a verb can range from "Dia merajuk tu" or "He felt hurt by your action". It is also infamously use by the women folks as they grow older together when a husband pull something to show his hurt and said sparingly "Buruk betul orang tua ni kalau merajuk" which simply mean that "It is unbecoming of old people to pull a face".

In English language, it may means quite a few other meaning, which can be used according to the situation.

In marriage or even during courting, it is a weapon, usually used by the women. It is rarely (and dumb) if used by the men.

You may not get any action if you don't rectify the situation you created if you are hit by the 'Rajuk' mood.

You may be left to sleep on your side of the bed, if 'Rajuk' comes into the picture.

You may be left to sleep on the sofa.

You may not hear from her for a few days.

If you are outstation, you may not be able to get in touch with her with a message keep saying "You have reached ..... please leave a message".

You may need to spend some money on gifts and flower, if you want to rectify the situation.

The gift can range from the cheap perfume to the more expensive diamond ring if you know what's good for you.

I think you get the picture.

Oh, I just got it, for the English only reader, Rajuk is equal to

"To be in the doghouse"...


  1. I think a man who uses merajuk as a 'tool' to get what he wants just destroys his kejantanan and 'credibility' in one fell swoop.


    Merajuk bertempat OKlah kot? ;)

  2. For man, really no, no. Woman, use with caution

  3. We woman always use it with caution. But please, for man...rectify things with caution too. It may look sangat-sangat "tidak ikhlas" dan "terpaksa" sehingga boleh menambahkan kemerajukan ok..hehe.. :P