Tuesday, December 9, 2008



"The final frontier..."

That's what they say in the opening credit of the Star Trek series (which I am not a fan except for Generations).

For couples, I believe its important to maintain civility among couples who need a bit of space for them to breathe. Breathing is important in a realtionship, either for your sanity or the relationship itself.

If you seen my status updates on my social network such as plurk, facebook or twitter, you would have known that I was left alone for two nights last weekend. My wife had some girlie sessions with her friends and I went to watch Lakeview Terrace. Got the whole cinema to myself in the Garden's GSC. Okay movie...

Not complaining as I managed to write a few blog posts and finished a few chapters of my CIFP CD. Did try to go out with my business partner but was not in the mood in the end... Was just cruising the streets of KL.

My problem is I have lost most friends when I got married except for a few who are also busy being married. Once I was busy with business as my clients need to be handheld for days on end at karaokes and such. Those moments I left my wife at home and returned home quite late.

Did got to know a few of my neighbours but still in the getting to know process...

Maybe next time I'll call them out for a bull-shitting session...

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  1. I usually identify a certain point, where I know I need to see my friends. At that point, all other things: clean the fan, vacuum the walls...can be left for hte time being. Or I just ask if my husband can pllleeaaasse take over for me. haha...