Monday, December 29, 2008

The real new year for Muslims

Praying for a better year ahead...

Today is Ma'al Hijrah or Together with Hijrah, a term used to mark the coming of the Muslim new year in Malaysia. Malaysia celebrate it with a holiday and gatherings by the government at various places. On a personal level Muslims would have read their closing of the year doa' after their daily Asar prayer yesterday and their early year doa' after their daily Maghrib prayer. They would have read the verses in Surah Yasin three times and again read the special doa' which is to be read. These rituals would be repeated all over the world by Muslims.

That is the simplicity of Islam.

Only at the government level, just to show that there is also some form of celebration, there is a gathering at indoor stadiums around the country and deserving individuals are given recognition due to their contribution in promoting or just being outstanding Muslims in whatever field they have chosen. It has been going on for quite sometimes and is well attended by government agencies. Only that due to its localised nature, this recognition will be lost in other 'glamorous' awards these individuals sometimes may have received from other awarders. Maybe some sort of permanent fixture is needed or more promotion internationally will help the recognition of the award.

My father also has a ritual every time Hijriah new year approaches. He will give me and my siblings, all three of us a call, reminding us to say our doa' at the designated time. Every year. He never miss. Even if I was travelling somewhere in Europe or when my brother was studying in United States. Its just show how important every Hijriah new year is for my family.

However it is you are celebrating this new year, have a good one...

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