Monday, December 15, 2008

Ning Baizura

We had the opportunity of watching one of Malaysia's prolific and talented singer in her element when we when to see her singing at the Journey Through Time II showcase in Starhill Gallery. Booked at table at Shook! although was rejected the first time as they said that the whole restaurant was booked. Got a call on Saturday saying that I can get the table I wanted which have the view of the stage.

It had a view alright if you have x-ray vision. Its just that wherever you sit, you won't be able to see properly as the place was not built for a concert stage. The table beside us were full with Datuks and a Tan Sri, I think, who was enjoying nearly 4 bottles of wine, until one of them dozed off after their meal.

Before Ning Baizura came out, we were treated with a wristwatch showcase. This was my first time in a watch showcase, where the models walked on the stage first, then all around the table, before heading to the back of the restaurant. The Datuks table was excited with the female models and even pulled a few of them near them. As I have my spouse with me and could not affoed the watch, yet, I behaved but did check the intricacies of the delicate item. The watch was by Dewitt, a luxury watch brand.

Here are some pictures of the show...

Her voice was amazing and she do have a very good stage presence...

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  1. Errmm... I was never a fan of Ning Baizura, there are better singers out there. Even Sheila Majid who doesn't have as powerful a voice is more... pleasing to the ear. :D To each his/her own la kan? :)

    The watches must have been nice though :) I love Shook! I like their grilled salmon. Done just perfect!