Monday, December 22, 2008

Better sex after marriage

Is it true that sex after marriage is always better than the sex before marriage?

In a way, its true to a certain extent, as you will be less awkward in your 'opening gambit' and your request rarely will need to be interpret wrongly by your spouse. Of course, there are couples out there who has difficulty in this department as they just couldn't get past the formality of being husband and wife but rarely does a couple not know when their spouse desire a session in the bedroom.

I do believe, after some times, if the spouse just don't get it when a signal is sent by the other partner, its either the other partner is dense (or dumb) or it is intentional. Its rarely the former, believe me. Its also fallen on the men when it comes to giving the signal, especially if they are a bit considerate. Some signals are so apparent that you unless you are blind, you should see it from miles away. Signals are also important when you have kids. Then, the joke about "Tell your mother that the laundry needs washing" will become very real.

In short, the best quote I ever heard about sex after marriage is this "After trying so hard when you are bachelor trying to score, if you are married, you just need to go home to get it..."

Wise word from a drunk friend of mine....


  1. better late than never..or just masturbate ahaks

  2. Being in a 'halal' situation certainly makes it better, IMHO. At least don't have to deal with the guilt. :P