Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Isn't this the most overuse word in a relationship? You are just supposed to trust someone when you become their partner/lover/girfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/etc? Haven't they seen Californication? (Oh, it's not shown here in Malaysia). Its a series where David Duchovny (the sex addict actor in real life and of X-Files fame) go bumbling as a New York writer displaced in Hollywood after writing a one-hit book wonder and trying to win back his wife's heart who had an affair and asked for divorce. He has a cute daughter and at the end of season one managed to stole his (ex-)wife from the altar of her would-be marriage although he has slept through nearly half of Hollywood including the daughter of the would-be groom. Yes, it was that incoherent but the sex scene and the Hollywood writer in-joke was great. My wife didn't watch it because she couldn't stomach the decaying morality which was peppered with cocaine snorting, promiscuous sex and incestious relationship.

In the second season, the writer is now back with his wife and daughter but up until the third episode he kept getting in misunderstood situation where he was caught giving wrong cunnilingus to the wrong woman.

Classic line was uttered "Wrong place! Wrong time! Wrong vagina!" Go figure.

Again, and again, he has to apologised to his wife and explained.

Did told you once about the handphone checking debacle of my friend right?
Got a few comments on my facebook page where my wife and a few of my school/uni friends make running commentaries about them always checking their husbands/boyfriends phone.

Me? I have made it a point to delete all incoming message since I went out with my wife to ensure no misunderstanding ever happens(I can hear a few snickers back there...).

The question is - Whither trust?

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