Thursday, December 11, 2008

Women boss

I live and work among women. My idol in business is my mother. All my business partners are women. I don't really understand the reluctance of some men or even women of having women bosses. I never have any problems working with these women who play a big part in my everyday life.

That no problem part is a general assessment which may not apply to all men.

I have been known to know how to tread carefully when the wind blow a bit weird that day. I sometimes do make the mistake of trying to pick a fight when they don't really want to play. But sometimes, if important decision needs to be decided, I won't care what they would do. Knowing how to assert onceslf is sooo important when it comes to business. Even more when you are a lawyer. I am also known to have arguments with my mother whom I blamed for making me as I am. Read my post on being trained by an expert to win arguments -

My primary partner and I have been known to alternate the good cop, bad cop role when dealing with our staff. Sometimes, we use each other names to make them think that we were in the same page but we give the other a head's up when we did that. It maybe that we came from the same law school making us understand each other idiosyncracies or it maybe the 16 years of friendship or a lot of other factors.

The thorn among the rose  

Anyway, on dealing with a woman boss, I have also dealt with a few of them on another level when our firm need to deal with them in our line of work. I can vouch that they are just the same as men in their work ethic or their 'needs'. Only their needs may involve more on the 'bling bling' side more. That is why Malaysia is still at quite at a high spot when it comes to transparency and corruption as this 'disease doesn't discriminate gender.

So, my staff have avenue to air their grieves especially if it have something to do with 'women issues'. They can't say that we don't understand their needs and their feelings. These are just some of the benefit of having women as partner, among others....


  1. At the end of the day, aren't we (men and women) all the same when it comes to work.. except for when we are PMS-ing? *LOL* ;)

    BTW, you have very pretty biz partners :)

  2. I believe women have a slight advantage over men when it comes to marketing. I'll convey to my partners you said so...

  3. Aaah yes.. a feminist might bash me over the head for agreeing with you but yes.. women DO have a slight advantage in that department. ;)