Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friends you accummulate after marriage

This is not about friends between one half of the couple in a marriage but is about the friends that you accumulated after you get married.

For parents they will gett to know the ir children's friend's parents. Some will have their love revolve around their children that they don't even have their own friends. Maybe even the friends that they do maintain will be more virtual through social networking internet site like facebook or myspace or even skype. If not, they will only meet their school friends or university friends during open houses or during celebration or festive season.

Their name will also be changed from their own identity to so and so mom or so and so dad or so and so parents. They will no more be a ble to plan holidays or even a short trip to the mall without having to think out how to bring along the kids. Parents will have excuses ranging from my son have a fever to my daughter have a ballet class to we are going to the beach with the kids.

As for those like my wife and I, being childless, we are the rare breed who have to be understanding so that those who have kids can arrange to have time with us. We even have to do this with our own siblings who have kids who need to be attended to. We don't really mind as we ourselves don't really mix with anyone as we can keep ourselves entertained with various programs.

That is why we have a lot of friends who are in the same boat with us. Childless and available at all time to entertain or be entertained. In our earlier days, we loved cooking for them and we would served them dinner or sometimes, lunch. We didn't dicriminate as we did invite those who have children.

As we now live in a very lively and interactive neighbourhood with the prayer house very near ours, we also tend to gravitate towards those within our age bracket and with the same interest.

And last but not least are those who work with you day in and day out. These are also friends that have to bear with you everyday. They will also play a part in your marriage as their experience with marriage can sometimes make you wonder whether that angry look the wife bears at the end of her day have everything to do with what you did or was she having a bad day at the office with their colleague...


  1. The friends who happen to take up most of my time after marriage, are my husband's family. I'm not complaining at all. But yes, these new additions have to come before one's own friends. Besides children commitments, there are definitely family-in-law commitments too. :)

  2. Yep, forgot about the in-laws. My wife should know. She worked for my mom once...