Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I shunned Public Display of Affection if it involves kissing and hugging, except in airports or if there were no one I know around. I know this one Dato' whose wife sent him to airport and this old couple kissed on the mouth before the Dato' flew off on a trip. I was also in the same group as the Dato but my wife was only dropping me off without me having to hug and kiss her in public. Phew....!!! And that was with the Datin asking me where was my wife as she never met her before.

I know I use this image before but just look at these two...

Okay, that was bad of me but I just hate doing that type of show in public as a kiss on the hand (by the wife, of course) is affectionate enough with deeper meanings. I even sometimes forget to hold my wife's hand or even pull back in certain circumstances and I know it hurt my wife a little but I am too anal retentive to change myself. Unless it was done in private which defeat the totally whole idea of showing your affection in public.

I have friends who do it like they were the most loving couple around. My wife and I even call them 'the loving couple' behind their back of course. Its not that we hate them, it's just that we know stories behind the shown affection. Its bad enough we have to endure the sickening sight mushiness of it all, we have to hide the fact that we know that their marriage is not that..... good.

So, until I hit my head and change my perception of PDA, I'll just use the term PDA for the handphone that can surf the net...


  1. This was a great piece. definitely, one of the best ones I've read from you...great take. admire your flair - try to get a regular column in a daily perhaps?

  2. Of course I want if given the chance. No contact lah...but actually don't know if have time. Maybe once monthly

  3. Apak..ko ni kan..buat aku tertanya2 je..cam tabloid pulak..bahaya nih..hehehe..