Friday, December 26, 2008

Till death do us part

There is a lot of single people nowadays. Either they are really single or divorcees, it seems that there are a lot of them. I have a few friends who are among this bracket of the population. My business partner and I are always trying to pair them with other singles that we know of and there were quite a few 'failures' which sometimes can lead us to nearly losing businesses. This episode made us cautious in trying to matchmake anybody thereafter.

These singles are actually living a life full with parties in clubs all over town and throwing wicked parties of their own. I sometimes were invited and to tell the truth felt very much out of place. They are mostly bankers with singles friends or ladies who have friends who made us feel we a bit unwanted as they traded banter or secret jokes. As these people are sometimes important to us in our business network, we have to indulge.

My partner is actually better at this as she practises social networking on a weekly basis while I spend time with my wife more than anyone else. I am not incline to join as I was never a good partygoer. The only time I ever enjoyed parties were during my Hard Rock years where my friends and I will actually organised trips to the Kuala Lumpur Hard Rock Cafe for our weekly doses of rock musics.

The most important part to end bachelorhood for Muslims

Back to this single people, maybe the thing that would work is the gathering by neighbourhood or proud parents as they are the one who will usually try to seek for their children spouses worthy of their scrutiny. My brother was a product of an 'arrange' marriage in 1997 and my mother thought she would have gained someone who will be her 'ally' in the house. That is still remain to be seen.

Some of my friends actually met their match in websites and chatroom over the internet. Most are happily married and some already have kids and such. It shows that sometimes its not where you meet your spouse that is important, its the marriage itself which will make or break a relationship. Even if you have lived together long before you are married.

As December seems to be a wedding season, here's to all the newlyweds and the oldyweds too, I guess. At least you are still on board...

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