Sunday, October 12, 2008

I was trained by an expert

I am the youngest of 3 male siblings. We are separated by at least four years from each other. My eldest is 8 years older than me and my second brother is 4 years younger than me. Sibling rivalry was easy as we rarely need to be in school together much. They would have graduated to another level of education before little brother had to pester them at the canteen during school.

I was trained by my mother to be in touch with my feminine side to ensure her womanly presence are felt all around the house. I was saved from a life with bad grades in school when my parents decided that leaving me to live with my grandma whom I always conned to get off from doing real school work was not productive. This was when I was just in Standard 4. During those years, in Malaysia, the first big exam was the Penilaian Darjah 5 which was one year away. Getting number 23 out of 26 students was bad. So, I was brought to be schooled in what my mom said "With the natives" (as in orang asli).

Lucky that I turned ok but those 2 years I had to school under the tutelage of my mom, the only 2 years ever, I was trained by mom to be a the daughter she never had. I was taught how to cook. How to iron clothes. How to sweep the floor. Vacuum. You name it, I was trained to do it. She even expect me until around I was 25 years of age to prepare the drinks when someone comes to the house. I finally stopped doing it as its not cool to do that when you were looking to get dates, as my parents lived in a housing estate full with eligible marriageable girls.

I am a full blooded male who was trained to be a girl and is currently deteriorating into a stcratch-my balls-in public type of male after I was married and spoilt by my wife (and still is)...

I believe I have the expertise to know what girls want and what man actually thinks girls want and what we know girls want but we just ignore it with hope girls think we don't understand their instruction...

You get the point...

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