Thursday, January 1, 2009

A pictorial of 2008 in my life

A wedding in December among a few that we attended the whole year

Cirque Balagan in April, the nearest to a Cirque du Soleil that we could get

Riding in Bukit Cerakah one Sunday

Birthday celebration of a friend which was unique in its presentation with a slumber party as it's setting with paper dolls as it's highlight

My own birthday was a surprise that was memorable

Went eating all around town including a revisit to a place frequented during my bachelor day
(That is a bowl of ikan masak singgang)

Celebrated my wedding anniversary locally due to a few unforeseen circumstances

Visited Kelantan during Ramadhan and given a special tour by a friend in one of Kelantan palace's compound

Met really old friend from school days whom I haven't met at least for 15 years

Went to see Sean Ghazi in a tent-like stage which was unique to say the least at Carcosa Seri Negara

Saw one of Malaysia talented singer, Ning Baizura sang live

A sibling gathering in middle of Bukit Bintang in December

Hari Raya gathering of the young and old

Went to see We Will Rock You in Singapore

Just a few pictures of worth in 2008. Hope it will be better in 2009

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