Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sexy back

Ever since that ex-N'Sync singer sang about the region more known by for what is down under than its upper part, I have always like to see that part being display by the fairer sex. Of course, the front is as beautiful too but for the two reasons I have already sang ode to in my post title Mammaries, which you can access here http://howmanthink.blogspot.com/2008/11/mammaries.html.

There is a mystery each time you see someone from their back. Not the lower back which is beautiful for its cheeks but just the upper back which nowadays is always framed by off-shoulder blouses, shirts or even dresses. It seems to be the trend nowadays to have in your wardrobe at least one tube top so that you can show your back to the world. Even if the woman wears a tudung, she can still be a mystery as her demeanor can sometimes make you want to get to her front and see whether your idea of her from the back is what you expect to see at the front.

My idea of a sexy back...

That sense of mystery always made you want to caress the back every time you have access to it as the small gesture will sometime be an opening gambit to further exploration of the back. It also shows the intimate nature of your relationship with the person you put your hands on as putting your hands on someone's back show camaraderie if it's between men and possessiveness if its the other gender's back you put your hand on.

So, back is always sexy to me, and don't get me started on the lower back, which I adore even more...

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  1. Haha the back looks good, but doesn't mean the front will be good too :D