Saturday, January 10, 2009

Matrimonial home...Part 1

In the earlier years of our marriage, we lived in an apartment. It was not big, just 700 square feet of living room, a small kitchenette and 2 bedrooms. There was a small balcony which I hung a bamboo blind to block the sun and put a small chair in, making it into another small enclosure for us to enjoy the evening breeze. As small as it was, this was our first matrimonial home.

My wife was already familiar with my house then as I moved there after I have known her for sometimes. Before that, I was living in a condominium near my apartment, with the then boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, of my business partner (long story, another posting) and when they were at the breaking-up point, I decided to move on somewhere 'safer'. It was quite bad of me but I knew that it would only create trouble for me to stay. It actually became quite ugly...

Anyway, when I moved, I did not buy any new furniture. I just bring along the sofa bed and the mattress that I was using as my bed, my television set and my washing machine. Only after our marriage did we buy new furnitures. We went shopping at a nearby mall in Puchong and we even tested the most important thing in any marriage at the shop before we bought it, which was the bed. It passed our rigorious testing and was later tested properly when we got it home.

We lasted only 2 years there as my wife was fed-up of a few things. Having to walk from outside the condominium compound lugging around groceries after shopping. Having to bear the noises from the unit above created due to someone moving some furniture or even drop a marble. Another bane for her is during the football season, she didn't have to contend with just me shouting at my football team at the wee hour of the morning but also the block across from us which seems to be filled with college students who seems to shout in unison at every missed chance and then celebrate like they were there in Milan when their team score a goal. There was even an episode of Romeo and Juliet one day at 2am where a girl living within our block had a running conversation with a boy living at the block beside us for nearly 2 hours straight.

So, we decided to move and a new adventure of looking for the right abode began...

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