Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are in the wrong company

No, its not a rant about work but on the people who we have to hang around with. Most of them have kids in school and bitching about tuition fees for their kids. Here we are worrying about whether our cats have enough food in their dishes or not.

I know it is not fair to bitch about something which we ourselves may have to face one day but when we are at a social gathering where the other participants are parents, we are kind of at a lost. We don't know how much the school bus fares are. We don't know how much you have to spend on tuition fee. We don't know which schools are the best as we were not born here and our schools are not that great to begin with. We never had to send anyone to clinic due to him or her swallowing a marble before.

Some couple can do it quite well mingling and talking to these parents. They have younger siblings and may have experience with kids which may be their nieces and nephews. Not so with us. I am the youngest and my wife is the eldest with all grown up sisters. Our relationship with our nieces and nephews are only evident when we go to my parent's house as my wife don't have any. Basically, our immediate world is child-free. Totally. So, imagine our bewilderment when we have to here all the things which parents like to talk about. Worse still, my wife told me one day after a gathering, the ladies in the group that we were just in were comparing notes and having a one-upmanship contest to see whose kids did what first.

Sheesh... as we are the exception, let us just stand there in the corner, in our own little world...


  1. Ah, its quite a boring topic to talk about right. Worrying by kids and their studies

  2. I understand completely. I don't have kids either, and I never know what to say to people who do. I'd rather talk to their kids then, because I feel like a kid in those situations.

    By the way, for my Honest Scrap Award game, you don't have to play, but the award is still yours. Two games like that in a week is maybe too much to ask of anyone, so I only put up the post. You can play if you want to, but it won't hurt my feelings if you don't play it. Sorry for this extra stuff in the comment.