Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have been on and off diet due to my health. It is more of a need than a lifestyle, if I want to live a healthy life that is as I get older. My family has a history of diabetic and hereditarily, I have a big chance of having the disease if I don't keep fit. That is why I jog nearly every other day to ensure that I keep myself fit. No one in their right mind will say that I look fit as I have quite a tummy which is as round as the top of my head. So, being on a diet is a need for me, if I know what is good for me.

What I don't understand is the diet that some women goes through to get a figure which is not even proportionate. There are some of the Hollywood actresses who just went under the knife to get the body that they wanted and then say that they don't need to diet to achieve what people see on display. Years later, when people started to forget that they even exist in the Hollywood radar, they will say they actually had been sculpted by this or that famous surgeon, and that is why they look statuesque.

Then all the women around the world expect to look like them by exercising as these actress or models endorsed certain gym equipments or products. This phenomena seems to not be isolated in the western world only. Even in Malaysia, as I have a close friend who likes to sculpt certain parts of her to make her look beautiful to her husband, it is a growing trend. It seems that it even penetrate the schoolgirls market for those who can afford it.

One of the favourite party games I played with either my partner or my wife is to spot the made face as too many people nowadays have their smile frozen prepetually on their face. Don't get me started on the protruding parts...

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  1. Nowadays , plastic is not a taboo already. Slowly we just accept how it is then