Monday, January 5, 2009

Favourite shirt

I have a few favourite shirts, which are mostly round neck t-shirts that my wife keep trying to get rid off. Some are as old as 15 years as that was the time when having a oversize surfer t-shirt was all the rage and one of it has a picture of a mermaid in all it's (her?) glory maginificently plastered at the back. As I consider myself past the phase of trying to be a surfer dude in the middle of a cosmopolitan like Kuala Lumpur, I only use it as a pyjama or my jogging shirt.

I don't know why I still keep these t-shirt which actually starts to smell in a certain way that certain t-shirt starts to smell after being in existence for too long. I just like the fact there are some things that I am familiar with nearly half of my life (15 years are just short of my 34 years of existence) that I want to keep even though I have been through so many phases.

There was the university-student phase. The bachelor-living-with-parents phase. The bachelor-sharing-houses-with-so-many-housemates-that-I-lost-track-who-is-and-who-isn't-my-housemate phase. The bachelor-living-with-just-one-housemate-who-is-my-business-partner's-boyfriend phase. The engaged-man-who-lives-alone-while-waiting-for-the-wedding-date phase. Then married life.

Through all that, that t-shirt was there and is still in one of the wardrobe. So, it is so hard to say goodbye to that t-shirt. And the smell that seems to be ingrained in it.

I love you sayang but that t-shirt is as comfortable as I am of you....

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