Tuesday, January 13, 2009

D.I.Y. coming of age a.k.a 'baligh paksa'

Believe it or not, it happens to a lot of boys as they were learning the 'lessons' on anatomy. Especially when the lesson veers towards woman's. They will become curious on the difference between the gender and they will start to ask around. In this country, rarely will the asking around make parents their first choice, it will be their friends. That is when they will try to catch a glimpse of the forbidden fruit which in this day and age will involve the unrestrained, uncensored, internet. And that is when the do-it-yourself coming of age can happen.

To those who never heard of it, if you are married, you should have a more open relationship with your partner. If you are dating, make it into a joke and get the guy to tell you what I mean by do-it-yourself. It can happen only to men and I really think it can't happen to women. For men, it is as easy as A-B-C as we don't need any 'tool' to D.I.Y, unlike women. Yes, I know women can do it without tools too but that doesn't really count.

I can just imagine the horrified look on my wife's face when she read this but it is real and it does happen to a lot of boys. And its an in-joke for us when we see small kids trying to control the urge and the needs.

How's this for a post which beat around the bush but not hitting the nail on the head?


  1. Ah, conservative countries are like this yeah. Only those countries with late night channels will be more better.

  2. hahaha.. gud post man, directly spoke bout real situation

  3. Harmony : Internet has cut down the barrier

    Syafia : Thanks... I guess