Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I saw my father's brother being laid to rest last week and I had a fleeting moment of mortality when I went to the grave as saw his children taking care of all the necessary arrangement for him to be buried. There was 3 boys and 3 girls. The guys were of various ages and two of them had the necessary religious education to understand all that is need to know on how to bury their father.

Looking back, I just wonder do I ever realise at my own mortality. Of course, it would be wasteful for us to wonder on something which we cannot really fathom except what is taught by our religion. Islam has outline so many information but still just imagining having to emdure what's coming alone can send shiver down anybody's spine. Never mine imagining what happen using the visual provided by horror movies.

I just can't imagine having to think about those who I left behind if anything happens to me. Being young does not mean that it can't never happen to me in a matter of second. With modern facilities, there are modern perils. Vehicles that we drive  or that is driven among us. Planes, trains and automobile. Diseases. War. Accidents either on the road or at home, where most accidents happen although we always feel safe at home.

I have this favourite character in all the Terry Pratchett's book, a British fantasy writer. He created this imaginary alternate world called Discworld which has a recurrent character named Death. He waits and is never late. In these books, he has a daughter. So, I found the rethinking of Death as a character is always funny.

Not so in real life it seems...


  1. Yeah, its not as fun as what the book may have portrayed. Guess we just have to take it and move on with life.

  2. Thinking of people that I've lost, I don't know that I'd ever go along with the idea of death as being fun. Yet, I've had more than several people recommend Discworld to me.