Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recovering from trips

Each time I landed in KLIA or LCCT, the international airports which I used to access my own hometown, I will always struck by the feeling that I may need to have another holiday. Either the trip which I just back from was for leisure or business. Whether I slept the whole time I was in the plane or I was wide awake. Whether it was just a 45 minutes plane ride or a 14 hours flight (which is the most I have been on a plane).

It is not that I don't know how to take care of my jetlag. I have been to a few trips outside of Malaysia which require me to adjust back to the Malaysian time. What I usually do is to sleep like I am in Malaysia while I was on the plane and if I land during the day time, I actually goes straight to work and only sleep at night, albeit a bit earlier. Today I am coming back from Jakarta which include a trip to Bandung. The time different may not really play a factor but the mood maybe different.

Anyway, this is more of the feeling you just want to stay in the comfort zone of the holiday that you just had. This is about not really wanting to go back to reality. Especially of the trip is a good one. I rarely had bad trips as any bad thing which happened in a trip is just another setback which we don't dwell on. Missed connections, missing luggage, noisy passengers and all those things you have to travel during a trip. It is just like another day if you don't go anywhere. Why let it spoil your mood?

Until you really do have to go back home...

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  1. aku pernah tanya seorang kawan yg sibuk bercerita pengalaman dia melancong ke eropah selama 10 hari..

    "Apa perasaan kau bila sampai KLIA?"

    "Rasa HAMPEH!" jawabnya.

    Feeling tu memang sentiasa ada setiap kali balik ke malaysia.Kenapa?