Saturday, January 17, 2009

Matrimonial home_Part 2

When we decided that we have had enough, especially my wife, of having to walk quite far, endure the guard's fussiness and having to carry heavy stuff after shopping, we looked for a new home. As my wife was from KL and I, from Seremban, I had to ask her whether she wanted to buy a house near her parent's. She didn't.

We decided to buy a house in Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor, a quiet city which has always been a dream for my wife and I. The only condition was that it's not a condominium complex as was evident from the stories that I told in Part 1 of Matrimonial Home post last week, which you can access here - We went to see a few housing estate which had basic requirements and are in line with what we have in mind.

We nearly bought a house in a housing estate which has a very well-known golf course complete with a club house where all houses there get a free membership in. When we went to see the houes, we were turned off by the layout of the house which is basically quite unattractive and the mature neighbourhood was still not served properly by commercial area although most houses have been in completed nearly 7 to 8 years ago. So, we kept on hunting.

We went to see the current house that I am currently living in although it was not completed then as I knew the owner of it's developer company. He was an unapologetic person who was very much in charge of everything in his company but when it come to selling his products, he was willing to bring me, a small time lawyer who was not even in his company's panel of solicitors (as I was still lobbying him then) to see the cheapest house in the very big development area. I went the first time with my business partner in his 4x4 Lexus and was impressed with what I saw.

I arranged for my wife to see with his people and when she saw that there were ready made cornices, Roman style pillars and high ceilings, she was hooked. We signed on the dotted line in 2004 and we chose the phase which finished the first. We moved in exactly on 1.1.2005 after asking a small time contractor to put in some fittings and lights fixtures. We only installed the kitchen cabinet a few months after we moved in and we basically kept the original look of the house.

As much as there were quite a few shoddy workmanship and problems such as leaks, we are very much in love with this house which can be considered as our first permanent home, which we own.

Who knows, maybe this is it...

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  1. I do know buying houses in Malaysia is cheap compared to here.