Friday, January 9, 2009

If everyone else want to change, can I still stay the same?

Every year, most people will make a new year resolution in trying to change. Nowadays, it seems even the "I am not going to make a resolution, but..." also seems to be cliche and everyone is doing it. So, I am now going to take it to the next level. I want to everything in my life stay the same like it is.

I want to still be loving the same girl that I know since 2001, engaged to, married and still married after 5 years. To still keep the talking, listening, planning, loving, arguing and doing whatever we have been doing for the past 5 years as a married couple. To take the holidays that we have been planning or plan at the last minute either in KL or by flight, locally or in other countries. Still doing house projects like painting walls and arranging furnitures like we have been doing since the day we moved to the current house in January 2005. Raising the 4 cats that are still left with us, down one from last year, as Spot left us due to FIV (a kind of HIV for cats) and hope my dream of seeing Cookie weighting 10 kg comes true.

Just 2 of the 4

I will still be driving the same car which I had bought in 2007 as it is my dream car and for now it is enough. I will still be living in the same house but may change its financier when the lock-up period of the current back expires in July 2009.

I will still be jogging the length of my neighbourhood from one end to the other end which should cover more than 10 km, if I really wants to take it to the limit.

Maybe anoher trip to a colder climate?

I will still be indulging in my monthly intake of steak either cooked by wife or at the most expensive restaurant in town, according to the affordability, budget and occassion.

I will still be building my firm in stages and hoping in 5 to 10 years time I can leave it to someone to manage it for me and I will be like a shareholders or just a board of partners.

I will still be devoted to my religion in my own way which include regular prayers, occasional prayers at the surau and the weekly Friday prayers. I will still contribute monetarily through the government agencies entrusted to do such collections and the occasional out of the way contirbution. I will still plan to go for umrah and haji which I had planned since 2007 but still have not made it come true, yet.

I will still argue with my mom over various things like I have been doing since 1990s. And I still will regret it later then ask for her forgiveness. I will still try to convince her to quit totally from working as she will still ask me to stop asking. I will try to take her for holidays like she asked me to in 2008 but was hampered due to my dad's health and other unforeseen circumstances.

All these are my to do things, which is basically just the way it was in 2008. If I manage to do all this, I will be happy enough.


  1. there is no harm on staying the same :)

  2. nothing is wrong in staying the same
    some may find that the last year resolutions are only half achieved ...or some may find maintaining the last year resolutions is pretty hard to do... thus staying the same

    good luck!

  3. 10kg for a cat is consider normal? I realise most of the strays weigh around 5 to 6 at most.