Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tiger vs. Dragon (Updated)

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year. Being a Malaysian, I am also sometimes influenced by Chinese belief like Chinese astrology. I am a Tiger in the Chinese Astrology. My wife is a Dragon. I think I am a Wood Tiger (Tiger Wood?) and my wife is a Fire Dragon. Not sure but maybe others who were born in 1974 and 1976 can confirm whether this is the right signs. If true, just imagine what the fire can do to the wood although the animals are nearly equivalent in it's ferocity and strength. According to legends we read about.

Those who really believe and understand these Chinese astrology signs taught me about the compability of Tiger and Dragon. The person who taught me this was the partner in the legal firm where I chambered. She was 8 years older than me making her the next generation of dragon. In that firm, she was the other partner who was not my master. I was so 'ngam' or compatible (no thesaurus to check another word for it) with her that we had a problem with my master (the lawyer who is responsible to ensure you learn about lawyering), who is also a lady, who said we were spending too much time together.

The other tiger in the house

When you are doing your chambering, you are supposed to stick to your master like glue on paper. Your lessons will be taught by observing him (or her in my case) do all the lawyerly stuff and do his bidding. In my case, as my master was always out of the office in contrast with her partner, I would always be left with her partner and we would be devising so many reasons to be together. I remembered that the year that I was chambering, it was the World Cup of 1998. We would take bets which team would win the game the night before. The one who wins had to pay for lunch the next day. I was betting on Brazil when they lost to France that year. I bought her lunch that day.

It is also the same with my wife. Our interest in books actually make us closer together. We sometimes just take a book, go read it in a coffee shop or if we are on holiday, one of our activity is reading a book by the beach or the pool. Up to a certain extent, maybe being compatible due to the year that you are born may ring true somehow or another but to build a lasting relationship is another matter. Compatability is just a small factor.

Are there any compatibility in any other Chinese astrology animals, I wonder?


  1. Compatibility helps, though. A lot.

    But yeah... as you say... it's not the only thing. Knowing what I do now, I feel that even so-called "soulmates" (and no, I don't believe in the concept of soulmates :P) have to work at living happily together. ;)

  2. Wow... you're wife is a fire dragon?! Pretty cool huh. Beware that she'll burn your wood, wood tiger. :)

  3. keep on writing bro, btw, Im a dragon...from what i heard, eithr tiger or dragon, you r tough at heart.

  4. Don't really believe it but seems that we do have the 'hots' for each other...

  5. Ha ha,,me too i'm a wood tiger guy and i'm dating a fire dragon girl, can you please give me some tips? It's so hard for her to believe that my love for her is true and sincere. BTW she lives in Malaysia and i live about 7000 kms away from her,,we met on the internet.

  6. My husband is a wood tiger, I am a fire dragon and we have been together for 16 years. We are both very strong willed people in our own right but it seems to work very well for us :)

  7. My boyfriend is a 74 Wood Tiger, and I'm a 76 Fire Dragon. His ex-wife is also a Fire Dragon. But as similar as we are, I've dealt with all the things she avoided. We're definitely different Fire Dragons as a result.

    He's my soulmate. And as my soulmate, we DON'T have to work at anything. That's what makes having a relationship with a soulmate so different really. We clicked like a beat from the moment we met. We're a great team. We just 'get it', naturally. It's amazing! We just have this 'instinct' for each other.

    Not saying that every Fire Dragon/Wood Tiger is gonna be soulmates. But him and I definitely are!

  8. I'm a Wood Tiger, my husband is a Fire Dragon. There's no such thing as "working" on our relationship, the magic is just there. We've been together for over 10 years, been married for almost half that time. As much as we do a lot of things together (traveling, reading, playing, musing, etc.), we are also comfortable doing things apart. We work as a team and share the same passions. We believe in each other's capabilities. Like I said, "magic." Not sure if he's my soul mate, as a human being that's beyond my comprehension. But I like what we have now and that's good enough for me.

  9. I'm a 76 fire dragon & he is a 73 wood tiger...amazing chemistry immediately however my exhibitionist dragon ways need to be curbed in order to keep my Tiger purring attentively...just over 7weeks & it's very hot on every level he's wonderful to be around:)